Entry #34 – Magical Mystery Tour (a.k.a One Trip to Albert Dock Later…)

What’s there to say that hasn’t already been said about the Beatles? Sweet F.A. It’s been over 60 years since they evolved from the Quarrymen and they’re still hyped as heroes of music who shaped and reshaped the industry to their heart’s content in the 60s. We all know about them, it’s impossible not toContinue reading “Entry #34 – Magical Mystery Tour (a.k.a One Trip to Albert Dock Later…)”

Entry #33 – Heathen Chemistry (a.k.a Up Go the Shoulders of Giants)

I’ve defended Standing on the Shoulder of Giants on this blog and continue to do so to this day. I thought that in spite of including some subpar songs over underrated corkers, that album was still a good effort and an interesting change in direction for Oasis. Sadly though it didn’t stick, as in theContinue reading “Entry #33 – Heathen Chemistry (a.k.a Up Go the Shoulders of Giants)”

Entry #32 – The La’s (Mike Hedges Version) (a.k.a Same Proverbial, Different Day)

Hello again. When I abruptly stopped writing posts on A-Side Glance, I had just given by thoughts on the one and only album from the La’s. I’ve gone on record as saying that that record is one of my absolute favourites and a must-listen for anyone and everyone. And conversely the band themselves went onContinue reading “Entry #32 – The La’s (Mike Hedges Version) (a.k.a Same Proverbial, Different Day)”

Entry #31 – The La’s (a.k.a The Forgotten Four)

History has unfortunately dictated the La’s as one trick ponies, as the only song of theirs that you still hear these days is the bittersweetly romantic There She Goes. And, of course, they only have that one self-titled album to their name. Which is a crying shame because the La’s were a band with soContinue reading “Entry #31 – The La’s (a.k.a The Forgotten Four)”

Entry #29 – Urban Hymns (a.k.a One Last Hurrah)

I’ve actually been in the presence of Richard Ashcroft. The final days of the 20th century, around Christmas ‘99, in Oxford Street, doing a bit of shopping with my Mum pushing me around in my pram. He just happened to be there, with an air of ‘Do you know who I am?’ about him. NotContinue reading “Entry #29 – Urban Hymns (a.k.a One Last Hurrah)”