Entry #25 – Blur (a.k.a Fame’s a Bitch part 2.5)

Not too long ago I finished reading the Blur biography 3862 Days, written up by Stuart Maconie at the time of the release of 13 in the dying months of the 20th century. Most Blur fans already know the cliffnotes of the band’s 90s output but this book really fills in the gaps and expandsContinue reading “Entry #25 – Blur (a.k.a Fame’s a Bitch part 2.5)”

Entry #23 – Earthling (a.k.a Onomatopoeic music)

Story goes I was bored during lockdown. I know, shocking. I needed something new to listen to in order to pass the time. After careful thinking I decided to step away from my usual hunting grounds of good ol’ fashioned Britpop and try out some David Bowie. But then I was confronted with the oneContinue reading “Entry #23 – Earthling (a.k.a Onomatopoeic music)”

Entry #16 – Kid A (a.k.a Fame’s a Bitch part 2)

All good things come to an end as the saying goes. Britpop had to end at some point after peaking in the summer of 1995 with Blur v Oasis. The most commonly cited factor that brought about the movement’s end is Radiohead’s OK Computer. We all know about that album. How many times has thatContinue reading “Entry #16 – Kid A (a.k.a Fame’s a Bitch part 2)”

Entry #14 – This is Hardcore (a.k.a Fame’s A Bitch part 1)

Say what you like about the Britpop phenomenon during the 1990s, but there is one simple fact about it that you cannot escape. It made and broke its stars, and it more than made sure it took them with it during its rough death. Think about where everyone started; young, eager to break through intoContinue reading “Entry #14 – This is Hardcore (a.k.a Fame’s A Bitch part 1)”

Entry #10 – The Lyre of Orpheus (a.k.a: The One with the song used in Harry Potter)

If you’re just joining us you may want to read the previous entry where we delved into the first part of this double album from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Ok and now that you have done that here we are on disc two of Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus. So far so good,Continue reading “Entry #10 – The Lyre of Orpheus (a.k.a: The One with the song used in Harry Potter)”