Entry #31 – The La’s (a.k.a The Forgotten Four)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a two-parter on the blog, so I want to turn my attention to the La’s. History has unfortunately dictated the Liverpudlians as one trick ponies, as the only song of theirs that you still hear these days is the bittersweetly romantic There She Goes. And, of course, theyContinue reading “Entry #31 – The La’s (a.k.a The Forgotten Four)”

Entry #30 – More of What I’ve Been Listening to Lately (a.k.a At least one entry per month, dammit!)

So there’s been another lengthy gap between now and my last entry. Unfortunately, I’ve ended up having one of those months. Nothing depressing or anything like that, but quite hectic; it all started off with a nice holiday in Sussex seeing family for the first time in nearly a year, then I returned home andContinue reading “Entry #30 – More of What I’ve Been Listening to Lately (a.k.a At least one entry per month, dammit!)”

Entry #29 – Urban Hymns (a.k.a One Last Hurrah)

I’ve actually been in the presence of Richard Ashcroft. The final days of the 20th century, around Christmas ‘99, in Oxford Street, doing a bit of shopping with my Mum pushing me around in my pram. He just happened to be there, with an air of ‘Do you know who I am?’ about him. NotContinue reading “Entry #29 – Urban Hymns (a.k.a One Last Hurrah)”

Entry #28 – Eurovision 2021 (a.k.a From Bad to Worse to Amanda Holden)

Just a quick off-the-cuff entry here before I bring you a review of Urban Hymns later this week. This past Saturday brought us the long-awaited grand return of the Eurovision Song Contest, after the pandemic forced it to take a hiatus last year. And believe it or not this was the first time I haveContinue reading “Entry #28 – Eurovision 2021 (a.k.a From Bad to Worse to Amanda Holden)”

Entry #27 – Low (a.k.a Ich bin ein Bowie-er)

I had promised myself that I would go at least a couple more entries before I talked about David Bowie again but then I listened to Low. It’s a depressing fact that when an artist is going through a troubled period, nine times out of ten any material they release during that period, as wellContinue reading “Entry #27 – Low (a.k.a Ich bin ein Bowie-er)”