Entry #24 – Sampling Soundtracks IV: Spider-Man on the PS1 (a.k.a Ollie, go to bed)

I seem to have developed a thing as of late where as I’m starting to feel like I should wind down and turn in for the night my brain decides to try everything it can to stop me from doing so. The other night it was by reminding me of a fanmade version of theContinue reading “Entry #24 – Sampling Soundtracks IV: Spider-Man on the PS1 (a.k.a Ollie, go to bed)”

Entry #23 – Earthling (a.k.a Onomatopoeic music)

Story goes I was bored during lockdown. I know, shocking. I needed something new to listen to in order to pass the time. After careful thinking I decided to step away from my usual hunting grounds of good ol’ fashioned Britpop and try out some David Bowie. But then I was confronted with the oneContinue reading “Entry #23 – Earthling (a.k.a Onomatopoeic music)”

Entry #22 – Stop the Clocks (a.k.a The Holy Grail of Oasis)

When I reviewed the GoldenEye soundtrack a while ago I mentioned that the recently leaked Xbox Live Arcade remaster of the game was pretty much the holy grail for Bond game fans. Well, I’m about to use that term again to describe this song I decided to listen to today. For a good ten yearsContinue reading “Entry #22 – Stop the Clocks (a.k.a The Holy Grail of Oasis)”

Entry #21 – idkwhyidkwhere (a.k.a Word of mouth is a wonderful thing)

Well this is something a wee bit different for the blog. For the first time I have been contacted by someone in the outside world and they have asked me if I would consider listening to a band’s music, specifically their latest single, and give my thoughts and feelings here on A-Side Glance. Of course,Continue reading “Entry #21 – idkwhyidkwhere (a.k.a Word of mouth is a wonderful thing)”

Entry #20 – Cosmic Fringes (a.k.a Noel was right)

Today is February 25th and I had resigned myself to just another day at the office, sorting out this afternoon’s radio show, finding out what’s going on around the north east and making witty comments about the songs I played. The usual. And then Nick Cave and Paul Weller both dropped new music within anContinue reading “Entry #20 – Cosmic Fringes (a.k.a Noel was right)”