Entry #20 – Cosmic Fringes (a.k.a Noel was right)

Today is February 25th and I had resigned myself to just another day at the office, sorting out this afternoon’s radio show, finding out what’s going on around the north east and making witty comments about the songs I played. The usual. And then Nick Cave and Paul Weller both dropped new music within anContinue reading “Entry #20 – Cosmic Fringes (a.k.a Noel was right)”

Entry #11 – Brand New Start & The Roller (a.k.a Two for the price of one)

Yup, in my continuing quest to keep things fresh and not stick with one standard formula, I’m reviewing two singles of choice today. Both have made an impression in my playlist lately and I just fancy talking about them. One is from an artist I’ve long been an admirer of, and the other I onceContinue reading “Entry #11 – Brand New Start & The Roller (a.k.a Two for the price of one)”