Entry #35 – A New Morning (a.k.a A False Dawn)

A New Morning is precisely no Suede fan’s favourite album. Upon release in 2002 it quickly developed a reputation for being lightweight, blasé, dull, same-old same-old, all the derogatory terms magazines like the NME and Q Magazine could pull from the dictionary to describe a band running on fumes. So why am I bothering toContinue reading “Entry #35 – A New Morning (a.k.a A False Dawn)”

Entry #8 – B-Side Myself I: Head Music (a.k.a Experimentalier)

At the end of my review of Head Music I stated that I would not be leaving it there as while the album was overall good, it was still very inconsistent. Songs like Elephant Man, Asbestos and Crack in the Union Jack all left a sour taste in the mouth and made me think thatContinue reading “Entry #8 – B-Side Myself I: Head Music (a.k.a Experimentalier)”

Entry #7 – Head Music (a.k.a Suede’s Be Here Now?)

This is an album I’ve been wanting to delve into for a while. See, I loved Coming Up, it’s my go to Suede album and one that commercially took the band to the top during the latter days of the Britpop era. With Blur fading into the background in the aftermath of The Great Escape’sContinue reading “Entry #7 – Head Music (a.k.a Suede’s Be Here Now?)”

Entry #2 – Trash (a.k.a: Maybe, Maybe It’s a Brilliant Song)

I’ve just come back from a week’s holiday in Kent visiting family, and after the year 2020 has been so far I’d say it was very much needed. Of course, there was the small issue of getting from the North East all the way down to the other end of the country, which meant threeContinue reading “Entry #2 – Trash (a.k.a: Maybe, Maybe It’s a Brilliant Song)”