Entry #25 – Blur (a.k.a Fame’s a Bitch part 2.5)

Not too long ago I finished reading the Blur biography 3862 Days, written up by Stuart Maconie at the time of the release of 13 in the dying months of the 20th century. Most Blur fans already know the cliffnotes of the band’s 90s output but this book really fills in the gaps and expandsContinue reading “Entry #25 – Blur (a.k.a Fame’s a Bitch part 2.5)”

Entry #0 – Beetlebum (a.k.a: Testing, testing…)

Let’s call this post the ‘pilot episode’ for the blog, because I’m still trying to get my head around getting my own website to work. Now, we all have had to start somewhere when it comes to music. Some of us may look back and remember where it all began, the tunes that got usContinue reading “Entry #0 – Beetlebum (a.k.a: Testing, testing…)”